Create the illusion of life and movement in 3d characters and assets through animation. Obtain employment in a challenging and creative environment.


Maya, 3DSMax, Zbrush, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects


Character and Asset Animation, Basic Rigging, Concept Art & Character Design, Illustration, 3D Modeling & Texturing


Restech Services LLC     Jul 2017 – Present 
Marketing Manager and Graphic Design
  • Duties
    — Creation of marketing strategy for Business and Residential offerings
    — Maintenance of Social Media Accounts
    — Creation and Distribution of both Physical and Digital Marketing
    — Creation of custom graphics and branding for use on signage, marketing materials, etc.
    — Organization and maintenance of existing and new marketing assets
    — Copywriting for PR, Branding, and general marketing efforts

Creative Kingdoms, LLC     Aug 2016 – Jun 2017
Senior Artist and Animator – Contract

Shipped Games

  • Kennedy Space Center: New Astronaut Training Experience
    — Assist Art Director in further development of UX for Mission Control experience.
    — Define digital assets for Mission Control Experience
    — UI Creation for 12 unique player hubs in Mission Control experience.
    — UI Creation and Animation for BiDTV screens in Adobe CC for use in Mars Base Common Areas
    — Create 2D vector assets in Adobe IA for use in video sequences
    — Texturing of modeled assets using Adobe PS and Quixel Suite


  • MagiQuest: Journey to Save the Light 2.0 (game update)
    — Edit Rig setup for use with FaceFX
    — Edit existing Models & Rigs for improved facial animation, wider range of expression and movement.
    — Create Character specific phenome and expression libraries for FaceFX Lip-synch and emotional range
    — Primary animation/motion capture cleanup/enhancement for multiple characters.
    — Consult management on rig fixes and time assessments required for improved character animation

Creative Kingdoms, LLC   Oct 2014 – Aug 2016
Associate Art Director

  • Duties
    — Assist Creative Director in development, task assignment & approval of assets.
    — Research & collect library of art styles for design reference
    — Organize available game assets
    — Assist in direction and creation of overall attraction theming, branding & marketing.
    — Rig & Model adjustments for improved movement & range of expression

Shipped Games

  • Cosmic Quest (Kennedy Space Center)

    — Create pose library for Robonaut (game narrator)
    — Animate Robonaut for narrative sequences
    — Voice Over and Onscreen Talent for animated and live action learning segments
    — UI creation
    — Graphics for physical dongles and game accessories
    — Research science facts for game sequences and learning animatics
  • Clubhouse Crew (CHC): Where’s Waymb
    — Map UI & graphic elements for game Screens
    — Primary animation/motion capture cleanup for multiple game characters.
  • CHC2: Rowdy’s Reindeer Games
    — Primary animation/motion capture cleanup for all characters.
  • For both CHC games:
    — Create and render character screens for game idles
    — Create/apply FaceFX phoneme libraries & lip-sync for all characters
    — Create expression libraries for all characters.
  • MagiQuest: Guardian of the Realm Portals/MagiQuest: Rise of the Totem Masters

    — Create/apply FaceFX phenome libraries and lip-sync for all characters.
    — Create expression libraries for all characters.
    — Primary animation/motion capture cleanup for multiple characters.


Youth Light Inc     Feb 2015 – Jun 2015
Illustrator (Freelance)

  • In 2015, I illustrated a book for children dealing with depression, written by Katherine McIntyre, and published by Youthlight, Inc.

Creative Kingdoms, LLC   Feb 2014 – Oct 2014
Artist and Animator

  • Design and Illustration
    — Develop Character Designs for use in project pitches
    — Develop Concept art for new project pitches

Shipped Games

  • Adventure Trek (
    — Performed Hand key animation on miscellaneous characters.
    — Developed expression and phenome library for use on lead human characters
    — Performed Hand key clean up of Motion Capture Animation Data


Derpy Games  Apr 2013 – Sep 2013
Freelance Artist and 3d Artist

  • Character Design 2d
    — illustrations for playable card game
  • Character Design 3d
    — Worked with Art Director to turn 2d graphic characters into fully realized 3d models
    — Created additional 3d characters
    — Optimized characters for use in 3d Printing for game pieces
    — Provided 3d Designs for interpretation for 2d Card Graphics

Shipped Games

  • Nanobot Battle Arena    


Unknown Worlds Entertainment May 2012 – April 2013
 Internship In Animation and Rigging 

  • Animation and Technical Animation
    -Rigging and Animation of game assets and characters
    -Polish animation and rig functions of existing assets and characters.


Madison Area Technical College      – Associates Degree in Animation and Concept Development

  • Field Of Study
    — Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special Effects

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh      – Degree NameBachelor of Arts (B.A.)

  • Field Of Study
    — Double Major in Theatre & Studio Art
  • Theatre/Performance
    Godspell: Featured Cast Member (cast uses own names)
    The Birds: Apops: King of the Birds
    The Streetcar Named Desire: Steve
    The Man in the Bowler Hat: The Hero
    Man of La Mancha: Sancho Panza
    The Nerd: Axel Hammond
    Sunshine: Nelson
    The Mikado: KoKo: The High Executioner
  • Staged Readings
    Beauty Fish Turk Playwright: Noah Trotsky
    Skin of a Lawyer Son Playwright: Richard Kalinoski
  • Video/Broadcast
    Commercial Charter Cable (Oshkosh, WI)
    Various Student Films/TV Projects UW-Oshkosh/Titan TV


  • Animation, Games, Illustration, Film, Comics, Graphic Art, Theatre, Music, Puppetry, Sculpting