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Hello all, and thanks for visiting.

I’m Dan Romens, an Artist and Animator based in Madison, WI. I have a passion for characters. In started with a childhood spent drawing and watching cartoons, and continued through High School into college, where I pursued degrees in Theatre and Studio art. There I was able to explore character through performance, illustration, sculpture, and puppetry.

When I decided to hang up my theatrical hat and enter into more “stable” work, I landed in graphic design and marketing. While the work is certainly enjoyable and fulfilling in its own right, it sometimes lacks the spark that comes from working with original characters and fictional endeavors, be they 2d drawings, 3d animations, or live action. It was that desire that led me back to study in Madison College’s Animation and Concept program. It was a return to my first loves, utilizing what I learned in my first round of study with new software and an expanded skill set.

Creating the illusion of life and movement through animation, and designing 2d and 3d characters has brought me a lot joy and I consider it privilege to find work in related fields. The spirit of collaboration and play in the animation and video games fields is something that you don’t find in many other business sectors. It’s a spirit that I always look forward to returning to.

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